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  Wastewater Treatment
Ovava, Engineering, Ltd. projects and installs domestic and comparable Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP´s) that comply with the applicable Environmental Legislation and minimize environmental impacts on the receiving media.

C.M. Tondela:
Etar de Sangemil

Design and sizing of this type of structures is made considering key factors such as:
  • Population to be served;
  • Receiving media sensibility;
  • Terrain characteristics;
  • Impact on the surrounding area;
  • Energy consumption;
  • Maintenance costs;
  • System operationality;
  • Process safety.

Conventional WWTP's are built in reinforced concrete properly coated and are based on the following unit operations:

  • Headworks, with automated screening, by-pass channel, grit removal and Parshall Flume flow-rate measurement with ultrasonic equipment.
  • Activated sludge biological treatment, low or medium-rate.
  • Secondary sedimentation with sludge return.
  • Tertiary treatment, if necessary, according to the receiving media demands.
  • Sludge treatment, by aerobic digestion or mechanical dehydration with polymer addition.

C.M. Ponte de Lima:
ETAR Gemieira

To maximize the level of security and control over the structure, a GSM remote management system may be installed, allowing real-time management of equipment by the Maintenance Department and reducing the associated environmental and financial costs.

C. M. Mangualde
ETAR Mangualde Sul/Poente